Stegall Notary Service

History & Purpose

Stegall Notary Service was created to provide a unique and needed service in 1980. Becoming a Notary was, and still is, a rather involved and multi-step process. One had to first secure an application from the Secretary of State. Then the application had to be filed with a $25 fee. Once appointed, a Surety Bond had to be acquired and filed with the Secretary of State. Then supplies had to be acquired which met statutory requirements. By the time one was finished, they had been to several places, written several checks, and spent considerable time.

Earl Stegall, an insurance agent, got the idea to offer a service, which allowed all the previously described process to be offered at one facility – Stegall Notary Service. After that, all one had to do to become a Notary was to “Call Stegall” and all forms and supplies were available with that one contact! Complete the forms and send them back to Stegall Notary Service, and the Process was complete. The application was filed, the bond was filed, and supplies were mailed to the new, or renewing Notary.

On January 5, 2015, ownership transferred to Stegall Notary Service, Inc., and Cooper D. Allen as President.  Cooper is committed to continuing our standard Great Service to our Notary customers.

This is our history and our purpose – providing fast, simple, and cost efficient service and supplies to the Notary Publics in the State of Mississippi! We are Mississippians, located in Jackson. Naturally, as with any good idea, we have picked up some competition. That’s the American Way, but some of the competitors are from outside Mississippi. You need to be aware of who your business goes to.WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS!