Stegall Notary Service


  1. How do the Notary Regulations affect me?
  2. What are the requirements to be a Notary Public in Mississippi?
  3. How much does it cost to become a Notary Public in Mississippi?
  4. How long does the process take?
  5. What about renewing a commission that is about to expire? What must I do?
  6. Must I fill out the Bond form as well as the application?
  7. Must I go to the Circuit Clerk's Office?
  8. Do you accept credit cards or purchase orders?
  9. I have moved my residence, what must be done?
  10. My name has changed since my Notary Commission began, What must I do?
  11. I live in one County, and work in a different County. Can I notarize at work?
  12. Can I notarize my own signature?
  13. Can I notarize the signature of a family member, spouse, or relative?